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Maxtrix Easy Rider in Chestnut (Panel Bed Ends) (300.0) review by Steve Ward

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great bed! (4/5) Jun 1, 2015 Steve Ward Gaylord MI US
  Overall I'm very happy with the castle bed. It assembles easily and is sturdy. I had to laugh when I saw that each box of parts has it's own set of instructions for assembling those particular parts. I opened everything, but when I got to the box with the big picture instruction book in it, it said start here with these instructions and don't open the other boxes except in such and such order. Well, too late! Figuring out the order of assembly I have to say is mildly confusing. But once you get the flow, the assembly is easy.

SRK Note: It can definitely be confusing to receive so many boxes! To avoid confusion for future customers, please note that you'll be looking for the box with the bed ends (headboard/footboard). There's a note on the box to open it first. Of course, if the box is facing the wrong way or it's covered by other boxes, it's easy to overlook that note. Thanks for the feedback, so we can help other customers avoid frustration!

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