Click each photo below for details! Maxtrix offers hundreds of bed configurations. There are too many combinations to photograph, but we don’t want this to limit your choices. Instead, we offer the option to customize your Maxtrix bed. Click on the photos below to see your options for bed size, wood color, bed end style, and more. Please note that the original photo and product name will appear in your shopping cart, but we’ll ship your order based only on the custom options you select. If you have questions about any of the options, we would love to help!

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Compare Low Loft and Mid Loft Heights
Maxtrix Kids Wood Color - All Solid Birch Wood
Maxtrix Kids Bed Ends - Panel or Slats
Curtain Colors for Maxtrix Kids Playhouse Loft Beds and Bunk Beds
Bookcase Option for Maxtrix Kids Loft Bed
Safety Height Mattress by Maxtrix Kids
Safety Height Mattress by Maxtrix Kids
Maxtrix Accessories for Maxtrix Kids Loft Bed
Coordinating Furniture Pieces for Maxtrix Kids Loft Bed